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Get your workshop today in: الخط الكوفي المربع، الأسس والقواعد
Square Kufic Calligraphy - The Rules and Foundations
(on zoom & Youtube)...
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Main objectives of this workshop
  • To Reflect upon the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, typography and type-design.
  • To be introduced to the techniques of combining Arabic calligraphy, typography and type-design with art and design.
  • Define the usages of Arabic Calligraphy as a contemporary art form.
  • Briefly look at the development of calligraphy throughout history, and propose methods to develop it.
  • Explore closely the main forms and rules behind creating a successful typographical work such as: fonts, logos
  • Exercise a real-life experiment to form a successful calligraphic/typographical work such as: calligraphy, fonts, logos and lettering for any product.
  • Font & Type-Design workshops:
    • To get started in type-design and production of functioning Arabic font using Glyphs & Glyphs Mini (The most popular font editors for creating fonts).
  • Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop is (preferable) , in a Mac / iPad environment.

Requirements and extra information
  • Font & Type-Design workshops:
    • Participants should be proficient working on software like Adobe Illustrator, in a Mac environment.
    • Participants should have their own Mac computer (minimum system Mac OS X 10.15.#).
  • The participant should be prepared to work intensively, investing their own time outside of workshop timings.
  • Due to the compressed time and the nature of the workshops, there might be homework.
  • The lectures and workshops will be in Arabic language.

Terms & Conditions
  • Copyright and all intellectual property rights in Workshops and materials remains the property of Qtypography & Qassim Haider.
  • Participants are expressly forbidden from recording and sharing Workshop materials with non-Participants.
  • By participating in a Workshop, you consent to qtypography & Qassim Haider using video recordings and screenshots from the Workshop, along with any quotes made by you, for marketing purposes.
  • This offer is open for Arabic designers in GCC countries during 2020 - 2022.


  • Customize your workshop: If you are interested and competent in our workshops & would like to customize your dates & venue, Please do not hesitate to contact us on: design[at]qtypography[dot]com
  • For the institutions that are out of Bahrain they must provide Airline Tickets, Hotel Accommodation & Transportations.