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WOK-STENCIL-CAPS Font Free Download

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Arabic Font designed by Qassim Haider
    Updated: June 14, 2022

وك-ستانسل-كاب: هو خط قام بتصميمه قاسم حيدر، وهو خط لاتيني مقطع مصمم لرسامي الجرافيتي وللاستخدامات الفنية، وقريباً سيأتي بحروف عربية.
WOK-STENCIL is a new bilingual font designed for the first time in 2017 by Qasim Haider, as a Stencil typeface with slits cuts, for graffiti artists & for spray paint uses, the beta version recently released for free, while the Arabic one coming soon.

Arabic Font designed by Qassim Haider

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