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qtypography is an arabic type-design foundry and design studio based in bahrain specifically focused on developing high quality arabic typefaces, established by qassim haider on 2014.
for more than 10 years qassim helped the market's foremost web design & developments. he also worked with brand leaders in many sectors developing logotypes, brand identities, custom typefaces & arabic calligraphy for different campaigns and creative projects.
qtypography established to focused on developing arabic typefaces & branding design through type-design, calligraphy, In addition to that qtypography specializes in web design & development.

latest projects

An exclusive Arabic Variable font with 2 Axes: Weight & Kaf, The Weight Axes gives the ability to adjust the thickness of every letter, Where the Kaf Axes gives the ability of stretching Kaf letter... Developed by @qassimhaider

latest projects

عدد من الخطوط المخصصة التي عملنا على تصميمها وتطويرها خلال السنوات الثلاث الماضية، بالإضافة لعدد آخر ما زالت قيد التصميم والتطوير. إن تصميم الخطِّ الطباعي ليس مجرد «حرفة بتميز» بل أكثر من ذلك بكثير. إن أشكال الحروف هي تعبير عن ضمير إبداع مُصمِمِيها. فهذه الأشكال عبارة عن إنعكاس للرؤية الفنيّة عند الفرد من جهة، وللسمات الروحيّة والاجتماعيّة والاقتصاديّة للمجتمع الذي ينتمي إليه هذا الفرد في وقت مُحدد من جهةٍ أُخرى، ومنذُ مطلع عُصور الطباعة والخطُّ الطباعي يمثل السفير الفعلي لحضارات العالم.

Exclusive & Custom Arabic Fonts designed by @qassimhaider


Our services

Kufic-Pin-Letters Font Free Download

Free Font - Free Download!
    Updated: Oct 20, 2022

كوفيك بن لتيرس: هو خط كوفي طباعي، [بحروف مفردة فقط] قام بتصميمه قاسم حيدر، وهو خط عربي مصمم من وحي الخطوط الطباعية مع مراعاة المقروئية أكثر من القواعد الجمالية للخطوط الكوفية بحيث يكون سهل القراءة… وهو مناسب لتصميم المجوهرات ولكل المصممين…
Kufic-Pin-Letters Font is an Arabic font designed recently by Qasim Haider, as a Typographical typeface with bold & isolated letters, for graffiti artists, spray paint, jewelry designers & Lapel Pin designDownload

for type-design and cooperation? contact me: design[at]qtypography[dot]com

Download & Font Rating:

1 - Good!

2 - Good!


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New FontFree Download kufic-pin-letters typeface direct TTF Font file Zip file Arabic Font

WOK-STENCIL-CAPS Font Free Download

Free Font - Free Download!
Arabic Font designed by Qassim Haider
    Updated: June 14, 2022

وك-ستانسل-كاب: هو خط قام بتصميمه قاسم حيدر، وهو خط لاتيني مقطع مصمم لرسامي الجرافيتي وللاستخدامات الفنية، وقريباً سيأتي بحروف عربية.
WOK-STENCIL is a new bilingual font designed for the first time in 2017 by Qasim Haider, as a Stencil typeface with slits cuts, for graffiti artists & for spray paint uses, the beta version recently released for free, while the Arabic one coming soon.

Arabic Font designed by Qassim Haider

for type-design and cooperation? contact us: design[at]qtypography[dot]com

Download & Font Rating:

3 - Very Very Good!

4 - Excellent!!!


New FontFree Download Stencil typeface direct TTF Font file Zip file Arabic Font

Qassim Haider on BBC Arabic Television

Qassim Haider on BBC Arabic Television
    17 Jan 2018

Qassim Haider was part of the special Program by BBC Arabic Television in “BBC Xtra”. The Program focused on Arabic Calligraphy and Typography...

A new typeface design, with multiple-masters technique retail font

A new arabic typeface design...

QT ArabicCity - our latest font family
    2 jul 2016

QT ArabicCity is a contemporary typeface where simplicity meets modernity to reach design needs in modern cities where business are crowded, information are interfere and time is not enough except for read clearly and in optical sequence.
a readability connects eyes with mind..


Guestbook & feedback

   May 22, 2021

5- عزيزي قاسم حيدر رعاكم الله السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته لقد سررت بأعمالك الجميلة ، لا سيما وانا من المهتمين بالخط الكوفي المربع ، وان تصميماتك رصينة وجميلة ، ارجو من جنابكم التواصل واطلاعي على مستجداتكم .. اتمنى لك كل التوفيق ودمت بالف خير وعافية

د. روضان بهية داود

6- Very helpful tool for square Kufi, I was using fontlab with a special python script to do the same at the web app you developed but your app makes it easier for all the people to use.

Pascal Zoghbi

7- Honestly dear, Day after day, year after year, you keep up the continues achievements with that exponential balance! And guess what, that is one of the most causes that cheers me up! I am really happy for you... With my pure prays,

Ahmed Ashoor

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5 new retail fonts available on our store. retail font

A new arabic typeface design...
    6 jun 2016 qtypography.com/fonts

More improvements in version 1.2.8 of typogridapp.com web app.

More improvements in version 1.2.8 of typogridapp.com
    17 march 2016

typogrid web app. version 1.2.8, what is new?

  1. Bold thickness (click on + and - keys).
  2. New mode views.
  3. Rounded Corners.
  4. Bug fixes & performance improvements.
  5. More compatible on desktops, tablets & smart phones.


Free Download Copy and Paste.

Free Download!
    May 23, 2021

Copy and PasteFree Download

With TypoGrid App. you can simply download any artwork you designed for Free! (Free Download) Directly as PNG format in high resolution, and vector format as well, yes vector (SVG) format! by Copy and Paste to your Illustrator file.


latest fonts: QT Square Kufic retail font

You want an arabic font that nobody else has?

QT Square Kufic
    24 april 2015

Square Kufic is one of the oldest calligraphy style in the arabic heritage. It appears from the thirteenth century on coins, tile work and elsewhere in Iraq, Turkey & Iran. In today’s world, it is used for logotypes by some designers and typographers of both, the Arab world as well as globally.

Since 2006 until the beginning of 2015, Qassim Haider studied this kind of calligraphy/typography and developed a wide variety of logotypes and art design. He even developed a unique web application called “TypoGrid” to create this kind of typography. Qassim has designed and developed this style as font family with 8 different thickness styles in a very detailed and elaborate experience.

The font is available on qtypography.com/fonts,
linotype, fonts.com & fontshop where you can take a trial and purchase it.

custom type custom font type design arabic type

You want an arabic font that nobody else has?

You want an arabic font that nobody else has?
    30 march 2015

You want an arabic font that nobody else has? A font to represent the values and the spirit of your enterprise? How about a custom font by qtypography.
Hand in hand with you, we will develop the font to your satisfaction.
Maybe you have a design that is not a font yet? We will help you to transform your idea into a font.
And we will help you in as many steps as you wish: designing, digitizing, spacing, kerning or the development into a font-family with multiple weights and widths.
contact us on: design[at]qtypography[dot]com

latest projects web app.

TypoGrid 1.0 - Web App.     1 march 2015

TypoGrid is a smart tool for typographers and graphic designers helps them to create typography letters and pixel arts based on the grids system. Designed & developed by Qassim Haider.

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In 2012, Qassim developed the first version of this web application under "Square Kufi / Kufi Murabba" name. The concept of the app was to help users create one kind of arabic calligraphy which is Square Kufi using pen and eraser tools.

At the end of 2014, and after feedback and further development of his vision, He developed a lot of concepts to created an advanced and smart tool for typographers and graphic designers which would help them to create typography letters and pixel arts based on the grids system, in a much more faster way. Thus, this web application has now emerged as something more than a tool to create Kufi arabic calligraphy - it has become a Typogrid.

Technical Features:
- User-friendly interface
- Export as SVG and PNG
- Import SVG files
- Compatible on iPad, Tablets and smart phones

the founder

qassim haider was raised in a creative environment from an early age. he was attracted to diverse disciplines of art and developed an interest in drawing, painting, calligraphy and designing.
a curious mind that constantly seeks knowledge, qassim's portfolio extends to fields as diverse as arabic calligraphy, typography and web programming.
qassim was commissioned to develop typefaces and calligraphy for different campaigns and creative projects. his work has been featured in publications and he has spoken at various art forums.

Qassim Haider website Qtypography website follow Qassim on tumblr follow Qassim on instagram follow Qassim on twitter follow QassimHaider on facebook


  1. Officially listed on (Microsoft Typography) as producer & developer of international fonts.
  2. Highly experienced in Glyphs & Glyphs-Mini.
  3. Highly experienced in FontLab & Glyphs.
  4. More than 10 years of experience in Arabic type-design & font development.
  5. 2015 - Produced a sessions & workshops in arabic type-design, typographic matchmaking & font developments in Royal University for Women (RUW) - Bahrain.
  6. 2014 - Designing and developing "QT Square Kufic" as a retail font, published on linotype, fonts.com & fontshop
  7. 2012 - Designed & developed (TypoGrid Web App) which is a smart tool for type-designers and graphic designers helps to create pixel arts.
  8. 2012: Participated in Dubai Lynx Award & shortlisted in typeface design.
  9. 2010: Designed a custom Arabic font for Al-Baraka Bank
  10. 2007: Designed & developed a custom Arabic family font for Adhari-Park in Bahrain
  11. Our fonts are cross-platform font files, Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
  12. Our fonts work compatibly with Microsoft Office's and Adobe Creative Suite programmes.
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